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individual feedforward analysis

Want to know which qualities you possess so you can maximize your own potential? The individual feedforward analysis™ helps you to get an insight into, and to structure your qualities, ambitions, wishes, and goals. The feedforward analysis™ is based on the most important leadership and management qualities which form the foundation of High Performance Individuals, Teams and Organisations. The individual feedforward analysis™ seeks out your qualities, and looks for ways to develop these qualities.

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feedforward workshop

In order to create synergy, it is important to understand which dynamics impede improvement. The feedforward workshop is an effective way to determine individual and group qualities, which subsequently enables participants to start a positive dialogue and intensify synergy.

The feedforward analysis™ is best employed by managers and leaders that wish to map out the leadership potential of their department or team. As a manager, in addition to the qualities of the entire team or department, you will also discover your own qualities and ways to further develop them. As an employee, you will understand your position as a future manager or leader.

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feedforward coaching

Individual coaching based on the feedforward analysis™ helps you to get an insight into, and to structure your qualities, ambitions, wishes, and goals. You will also learn whether your self-image corresponds to the way others perceive you, whether you should want to improve yourself, and how to do this. The result? Growth and effective personal development.

Through personal reflection, the individual feedforward coaching will be a valuable guide in one’s personal development.

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The feedforward analysis™ provides the knowledge and software that will help managers and employees to build a High Performance Team and Organisation. Businesses, non-profit, and public organisations apply the feedforward analysis™ to stimulate improvement, create a positive and responsible culture, improve co-operation, and put together successful and diverse teams. Very appropriate to take this development-oriented analysis into your own hands, and to link it to your vision on leadership, team development and diversity policy!

Do-it-yourself clients, pay a fee of only €100.-/$100.-/£100.- per feedforward analysis™. Therefore, do-it-yourself is more financially attractive than letting the feedforward analysis™ be executed by a feedforward expert. A one-time (online) training will help you to do so.

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klanten over feedforward analyse

It is thanks to feedforward that I not only discovered where my weak points were, but also how I could use my qualities to get out of difficult situations.


Hands On, Information Management

There really lies added value in discussing your personal results with a feedforward coach.
It makes me aware of the qualities I can use to improve other qualities.

Manager Sales Support


An enormous source of information; such a rich tool.
The results enable me to go deeper, because it’s presented in an open and positive way and not in a coercive way like ‘thou shalt…’

Lucette Teurlings

Policy Officer Management HR Utrecht University

Wageningen UR
ABN Amro