link feedforward to your vision on leadership, team development and diversity policy

The feedforward analysis™ provides the knowledge and software that will help managers and employees to build a High Performance Team and Organisation. Businesses, non-profit, and public organisations apply the feedforward analysis™ to stimulate improvement, create a positive and responsible culture, improve co-operation, and put together successful and diverse teams. Very appropriate to take this development-oriented analysis into your own hands, and to link it to your vision on leadership, team do-it-yourself-feedforwarddevelopment and diversity policy!

Do-it-yourself clients, pay a fee of only €100.-/$100.-/£100.- per feedforward analysis™. Therefore, do-it-yourself is more financially attractive than letting the feedforward analysis™ be executed by a feedforward expert. A one-time (online) training will help you to do so.

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Materials and certification

To the users within your organisation (the employees that will apply the feedforward analysis™ and/or will present the report to the participants), we offer a practical eCourse, after agreeing with the ’10 gedragsregels’. We will also schedule conversations via Skype in which we will work with the profile of the user, to stimulate deeper insights.  Afterwards, the certified users receive a login code that will provide access to the feedforward software and to instruction videos. There is also a brochure available that explains feedforward analysis™.

How does it work?

how does do-it-yourself work?

  1. Contact us via the contact form. Together we will discuss the programme, number of software users, and we will sign the agreement.
  2. The users will complete the eCourse in English or Dutch (information about feedforward, validated leadership and management qualities, and advice on how to report about the individual and group qualities) after which they will receive a login code that provides access to the feedforward software.
  3. The software (English/Dutch) is self-explanatory, but brief tutorial videos are available. The users can create the feedforward analysis™ (inter alia, via automatic upload of participants), adjust email texts to own preferences, and download individual and group reports.
  4. At the end of each quarter, you will receive an invoice for the license per user and the number of completed feedforward analyses™ in that quarter.
  5. Certified users can provide their report and feedback individually, or by means of a workshop. The report and an additional workshop will help you to:
    – Improve co-operation between managers and employees for the purpose of improvement and change
    – Create a positive culture in which people are not afraid to address each other
    – Improve co-operation in general
    – Put together more successful and diverse teams!

Benefits do-it-yourself

Challenging insights

The report gives an overview of the validated management and leadership qualities in which a participant excels. The participant also gets an insight into the distribution of management and leadership qualities; the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ qualities, and the individual and relational qualities.

Participant and respondent friendly

The completion of the online feedforward analysis™ only takes 10 minutes. The respondents do not rank qualities by assigning grades, but select positive qualities. This assures reliable results and makes it safe and fun to complete.

Scalable up to 360° feedforward

The feedforward analysis™ can cover up to 360 degrees: colleagues from various levels and external relations such as clients, partners, and private persons

Brain friendly; actually instigates learning

The feedforward analysis™ shows with which qualities you contribute to the success of your organisation and gives you an insight into how to strengthen your less prominent qualities by means of your best qualities.

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Individual, Team and/or Organisation

The feedforward analysis™ can be flexibly arranged: departments can be combined, individual and group reports can be drawn up, and new colleagues can be added.


The feedforward analysis™ and the report are currently available in English and in Dutch, but will soon also be available in other languages.

Suitable for all employees

The scientifically validated qualities reflect the qualities of excellent managers and leaders. The feedforward analysis ™ is, however, often also offered to non-executives.

Clear and fair fees

Clear and transparent fees with discounts in case of do-it-yourself and for partner relations. Invoicing at the end of a quarter, solely including feedforward analysis™. Group reports (possibility to select teams or the entire organisation) will not be charged.

Instigates action

The feedforward report provides a clear insight and also instigates action. The report helps the participant to zoom in on the qualities that are important to his or her position/task/role.

Validated management and leadership qualities

Based on extensive scientific and field research on the qualities that facilitate High Performance Teams and Organisations.

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Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support in your success as a do-it-yourself client. Detailed materials and content is available for you and your participants.

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Start immediately

The software is self-explanatory. The users can create feedforward analysis™ for participants, adjust e-mail text and landing pages and download individual and group reports.

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