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A few of the many features and advantages of the mind friendly 360 graden feedforward analyse™:

  • A stimulating report
    Clear, action-oriented and user-friendly report covering the most important leadership and management qualities. The report corresponds to the (future) position/task/role of the participant(s). The group report (group or individual versus group) shows whether and how people complement each other, which qualities are less present and how people can strengthen their qualities.
  • Scientifically validated qualities
    Based on extensive scientific and field research on the qualities of excellent managers and leaders, conducted by Dr. André A. de Waal MBA, which proves that the assessed qualities really contribute to a High Performance Team and Organization.
  • Challenging insights
    The report gives an overview of the validated management and leadership qualities in which a participant excels. The participant also gets an insight into the distribution of management and leadership qualities; the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ qualities, and the individual and relational qualities. These insights can also be provided on the team or the organizational level, they display how an individual is perceived by the people around him or her and whether this is congruent also with that person’s own understanding of themselves.
  • User-friendly and safe software
    The feedforward analysis™ can be put together very quickly and efficiently (no limit to number of participants), invitations and updates are automatically sent out, and the results are saved into secured servers. The reports can be downloaded directly (minimum of five respondents).
  • Scalable up to 360° feedforward
    You can determine the scope of the feedforward yourself. The analysis can cover up to 360 degrees (colleagues from various levels and external relations such as clients, partners, and private persons).
  • Brain friendly; actually instigates learning!
    Scientific research proves that our brain cannot properly process feedback. The feedforward analysis™ shows with which qualities an individual contributes to the success of a department and an organization. The participant also gets an insight into how to strengthen their less prominent qualities by means of best qualities.
  • Participant- and respondent-friendly
    The completion of the online feedforward analysis™ only about 8 minutes. The respondents do not rank qualities by assigning grades, but select positive qualities. This assures reliable results and makes the form simple and fun to complete. When there is only one respondent in a certain category, that respondent is authorized to determine whether or not given information will be disclosed to others.
  • Suitable for all employees
    The scientifically validated qualities reflect the qualities of excellent managers and leaders. The feedforward analysis™ is, however, also often offered to non-executives to provide insight into the potential of an employee, to provoke a positive dialogue, and to measure, for instance, the diversity within a (project) team.
  • Multilingual
    The feedforward analysis™ and report is currently available in English or Dutch. The respondents can choose in which language they complete the feedforward analysis™. The report can also be drawn up in either language. Do you prefer another language but English or Dutch? Let us know!
  • Individual, Team and/or Organization
    The feedforward analysis™ can be flexibly arranged: departments can be combined, individual and group reports can be presented, and new colleagues can be added. Compare the qualities of a participant to those of team members, learn how to engage colleagues by focusing on their strengths, and put diversity in qualities up for discussion.
  • Instigates action
    Feedback tools are rarely effective because they often lack a thorough explanation of the corresponding report. The feedforward report provides a clear insight but also instigates action. All qualities are defined by means of concrete behavior descriptions. Feedforward experts can support you in the analysis and in understanding the results, as well as in the creation of an action plan
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