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The feedforward analysis™ is a pivotal tool for cultivating High Performance Individuals, Teams, and Organizations. Grounded in validated management and leadership principles, this approach fosters an inclusive culture where accountability is embraced, and cooperation flourishes. By prioritizing feedforward strategies, it significantly enhances team composition, driving success through diversity and collaborative synergy.

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feedforward analysis™: Unlocking Potential in Your Organization

Discover how feedforward can revolutionize your approach to organizational growth. Traditional feedback often falls short, struggling to foster real improvement. Research shows that feedback can sometimes hinder rather than help, failing to nurture the qualities needed for High Performance Teams and Organizations.

Feedforward offers a brain-friendly, scientifically validated alternative. It focuses on building future capabilities rather than critiquing the past. Adopted by numerous businesses, non-profits, and public organizations, it’s your key to creating a dynamic, high-performing culture.

The feedforward analysis™ provides insight in the most important leadership and management qualities that form the basis of High Performance Individuals, Teams, and Organisations.

Do you, together with your team, board, or entire organisation, want to get started with the feedforward analysis™? Do you want to apply the analysis to change and development programmes, leadership programmes, management development programmes, and recruitment and selection? You can use the forward analysis™ either by yourself (do-it-yourself), or under professional supervision of a feedforward expert (individually, with a coach, or as a workshop).

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It is thanks to feedforward that I not only discovered where my weak points were, but also how I could use my qualities to get out of difficult situations.


Hands On, Information Management

If people are able to trust in their own qualities, they will automatically start to work on their points of development.

Caroline Versprille

Head of a primary school

The feedforward analysis provides much clearer, more direct and recognisable points.
Without plain numbers!

Front Office & Reservations Manager

Park Plaza Hotels

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