teams and boards that want to improve co-operation

The feedforward analysis™ has proven to provoke positive dialogue and to put performance up for discussion. Because, it is difficult to work together with, and support your colleagues while you are still expected to use traditional feedback tools and performance appraisals in which weaknesses play a central role. It is hard and energy-consuming to improve qualities and behaviour that are not inherent to a person.

Starting a positive conversation, together

Of course, comprehensive attention will be paid to practising positive dialogue. After a plenary explanation on the background of feedforward, participants will discuss their individual results with each other. What are their strengths? And how can these be used to strengthen other qualities? We will help each other to get the most out of reporting. Together, we will share our interpretations of the results and discuss which subsequent actions each individual should undertake. In order to do this most effectively, an individual feedback session shall take place prior to the team session. During these conversations, participants will be supported in understanding and clarifying their personal profile.

What makes us strong as a team?

A group profile will be comprised based on individual qualities. Participants shall investigate how they complement each other and what specific value is added by every individual team member. What are the strengths of the team and how can we improve our weaknesses by means of our strengths?
Team members investigate how they can ‘use’ each other more effectively and how current and future co-operations and positioning can be strengthened.

“It’s nice to look at yourself and others in this way.
Now I have a better understanding of the development potential of the group.”
KARIN VAN DER PLOEG – Manager Liandon – Team Strategic Environment Management

“The feedforward analysis provides much clearer, more direct and recognisable points. Without plain numbers! ”
MICHEL MEEUES – Front Office & Reservation Manager – Park Plaza Hotels

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Feedforward is very stimulating. It identifies the points of development.
The feedback session made me believe that I can actually do it!

Head Central Personnel

Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter

The feedforward analysis provides much clearer, more direct and recognisable points.
Without plain numbers!

Front Office & Reservations Manager

Park Plaza Hotels

If people are able to trust in their own qualities, they will automatically start to work on their points of development.

Caroline Versprille

Head of a primary school

ABN Amro
Wageningen UR