successful leadership and management development programmes

In order to be able to adequately respond to continuous changes in the increasingly complex environment every organisation must be in constant motion. How to specifically focus on the development of managers and employees is different in each organisation. In other words, the development of a successful leadership programme or management development programme is always custom made. Many organisations apply the feedforward analysis™ at the start of such programmes. Truly getting to know each team member and increasing mutual trust is best achieved by starting a positive dialogue, and work on appropriate improvements continues from there.

Besides discovering how every individual can make a contribution, the participants also discover the common weaknesses and how to work powerfully together on the success of the organisation as a whole.

“We have participated in team training before; you have to be vulnerable.
Therefore, positive feedback is much more appropriate than focusing on negative aspects, or on things that aren’t there.”
KARIN VAN DER PLOEG – Manager Liandon – Team Strategic Environment Management

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