managers and leaders who want to improve themselves

Improving yourself starts with one or more questions. It may concern issues regarding work/life balance, visibility/positioning, political issues, more effective co-operation, or networking. Identity issues are also relevant: who am I, what’s important to me, what are my values and ambitions, or what will be my next step? Which personal characteristics will help me to grow and which might hold me back? How can I cope with that? The desire to work on competencies such as coaching leadership, talent and team development, flexibility in change ability, often trigger such conversations. How to create an organisation in which people dare to call each other to account, and in which giving and receiving feedback is of key importance?

Coaching based on the feedforward analyse™ helps you to understand your qualities, ambitions, wishes, and goals. You will also learn whether your self-image corresponds to how people in your environment perceive you. It helps you to determine whether you want to improve yourself, and how. The result: growth and effective personal development. Ineffective behaviour and tricky co-operations become manageable challenges.

“There really lies added value in discussing your personal results with a feedforward coach.
It makes me aware of the qualities I can use to improve other qualities.”
A.O. OUDE HENGEL – Sales Support Manager at Heineken

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The feedforward analysis provides much clearer, more direct and recognisable points.
Without plain numbers!

Front Office & Reservations Manager

Park Plaza Hotels

Feedforward is very stimulating. It identifies the points of development.
The feedback session made me believe that I can actually do it!

Head Central Personnel

Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter

It is thanks to feedforward that I not only discovered where my weak points were, but also how I could use my qualities to get out of difficult situations.


Hands On, Information Management

Wageningen UR
ABN Amro