high performance ambition

In every sector, there are organisations that continuously perform better than others; High Performance Organisations (HPOs) is what we call them. An HPO is an inspiring, motivating, and challenging organisation to work for, with, and to be a customer of. These organisations do not perform better because the pay higher wages or because they implemented a new IT system. Scientific research and field experience of hundreds of organisation around the world prove that HPOs excel at five pillars:

  1. Quality of Management
  2. Quality of Employees
  3. Openness & Action-orientation
  4. Long-term focus
  5. Continuous Improvement & Innovation

That’s why many organisations that aspire to become an HPO choose to apply the feedforward analysis™, which works with validated leadership and management qualities and uses a positive and growth-oriented approach. The analysis tool is built to the basis of the two pillars of High Performance: strong managers and enthusiastic, resilient employees; as well as three additional pillars of openness and action-orientation, long-term focus, and continuous improvement and innovation.

“Quick, highly user-friendly.
It feels like a warm blanket and the best part is that it results in something which you know you have to work on in order to grow.”
BAS OUDE ELBERINK – Director Association of Internists

Organisations utilize the feedforward analysis™ to apply focus to their development and to improve performance. The scientific validation of management and leadership qualities used within the analysis was conducted at many different organisations. This guarantees that the qualities included in the feedforward analysis™ are of importance to the organisation.

Examples of organisations that apply the feedforward analysis™:


“An enormous source of information; such a rich tool.
The results enable me to go deeper, because it’s presented in an open and positive way and not in a coercive way like ‘thou shalt…’”
LUCETTE TEURLINGS – Policy Officer Management HR Utrecht University

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For me, feedforward confirms my personality, how I act, and it gives me insight into how I can use my qualities even more effectively.

Manager Sales Support


The feedforward analysis provides much clearer, more direct and recognisable points.
Without plain numbers!

Front Office & Reservations Manager

Park Plaza Hotels

If we want to emphasise our students’ qualities, we should also emphasise our teachers’ qualities; that’s why I applied feedforward.

Caroline Versprille

Head of a primary school

ABN Amro
Wageningen UR