effective change and improvement programmes

At McKinsey Insights, Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini argue that ‘change platforms’ are much more effective in generating organisational improvement than ‘change programmes’. This is due to the limited success of many ‘change programmes’ have proven to have. John Kotter at Harvard University, for example, concluded years ago Change-and-Improvement-feedforwardthat 70% of such large change projects generate little to no results.

What we need, is a change platform that encourages individuals to take up challenges and responsibility, start an open and honest discussion, and develop a mutual vision on how to deal with tricky situations and obstacles. A development- and growth-oriented, positive platform. Feedforward helps to instigate and maintain a positive dialogue and motivates to take actions that will render improvements.

“Feedforward is very stimulating. It identifies the points of development.
The feedback session made me believe that I can actually do it!!”

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It is thanks to feedforward that I not only discovered where my weak points were, but also how I could use my qualities to get out of difficult situations.


Hands On, Information Management

If we want to emphasise our students’ qualities, we should also emphasise our teachers’ qualities; that’s why I applied feedforward.

Caroline Versprille

Head of a primary school

An enormous source of information; such a rich tool.
The results enable me to go deeper, because it’s presented in an open and positive way and not in a coercive way like ‘thou shalt…’

Lucette Teurlings

Policy Officer Management HR Utrecht University

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Wageningen UR